URINE INFECTIONS are common in children. They are different from adults in many ways. In children it is not necessary to have urinary symptoms such as pain while passing urine etc, they can just have fever, vomiting or abdominal pain.

Also in children urine infections is be taken seriously. Infections may be due to some underlying kidney problem or drainage of urinary system such as REFLUX mean backward flow of urine from bladder to kidney. Normally urine flow from bladder to outside only. In presence of urine infection & reflux, kidney can be permanently damaged.

PROPER SAMPLING of urine is most important for urine culture. Clean the private part with soap & water ( No antiseptic liquids to be used). Urine to be collected in a sterile container. Do not touch the bottle with any part of body. Try to catch urine while flowing preferably after child has passed some urine. Although morning urine sample is preferred but it is not necessary. Urine should be sent to a good laboratory as soon as possible. THERE IS NO NEED TO DO ROUTINE URINE CULTURES / TESTS WHEN CHILD IS WELL EVEN CHILD MAY HAVE REFLUX, HAD URINE INFECTIONS BEFORE OR SOME DAMAGE TO KIDNEYS IS PRESENT.