The medical centre runs outpatient services from 8am. to 1pm. & 5pm-8.30pm. There are 20 specialists and super specialists on the panel, all of them with high professional qualification from abroad and India. List of Panel Consultants is enclosed.
Full facilities for diagnostic investigations such as Laboratory investigations, X-ray, Ultrasound Scan, ECG, EEG, antenatal foetal monitoring - CTG monitoring are available.Speaking on phone to the concerned consultant or director beforehand espeacially if it is your first visit shall be help full.



The medical centre is equipped with 15 inpatient beds of superdelux, delux, single & semiprivate type. There is a fully modernized major operation theatre with equipment for operative laparoscopy, microscopic surgeries and C-ARM for surgeries under image & intensifier. Minor operation theatre and delivery room, nursery for premature babies upto level-II care also exists.
Services are provided round the clock for emergencies, full obstetric care including intrapartum foetal monitoring both externally and internally alongwith care of new born babies are available.
Various operations and Inpatient services for all ages from newborn babies to old (geriatric) patients are available. The facilities also include latest equipment’s for monitoring sick patients.



We do understand that some patients need further specialised care such as coronary care unit, intensive neonatal care etc. As majority of doctors on panel are also working as senior consulatants at Apollo Hospital those who need extraordinary services such as Nuclear Scans, MRI, CT SCAN, Intensive Coronary Care, Intensive Medical Care, Angiography, Angioplasty referred to Apollo Hospital or to a Suitable super specialist hospital if need arises. By this way patient is provided with continuations of medical care of does’t feel ‘LOST’ in a large corporate hospital.


Paediatric and Neonatal care

Treatment of children with kidney problems.

Medical services include cardiology, neurology, nephrology, psychiatry, dermatology etc.

Gynaecology and obstetrics services include painless delivery, medical and surgical abortions, gynaecological

laparoscopic work and high risk deliveries.

Laparoscopic surgery and general surgery for gall bladder, hernia, piles, fissure etc.

Urological surgery for bladder/prostate

Microscopic surgeries for eye, ear, nose and throat including endoscopy.

Orthopaedic surgery/ Joint replacement and arthroscopy.

Plastic and reconstructive surgery

Laboratory, ultrasound, ECG, X-ray etc.

In-house canteen services and dietary advice.

Ambulance services including critical care transport