What is Paediatric Nephrology?

Peadiatric Nephrology is the medical speciality that deals with diseases of kidney in children. Paediatric Nephrologist are the doctors who are trained child specialist(Paediatrician) & have further training in kidney diseases (Nephrology). There are only a few Paediatric Nephrologist in India.

What is Nephrotic Syndrome?

Normally kidney are able to filter protein back into blood & protein does not leak in urine. If protein leaks in urine , it result in decrease protein in blood & hence swelling of body. This condition is called Nephrotic Syndrome please refer to article Nephrotic Syndrome .

Is Urine infection is serious in children ?

Yes, urine infection in children unlike in adults should be taken more seriously. There may be some underlying kidney problems such as blockage of system or reflux. Also urine infection can cause damage to kidneys.

What is Laparoscopic surgery?

A Laparoscope is a camera which is inserted into body & this camera in connected to a monitor. Through Laparoscopy detailed analysis for diagnosis purposes can be done along with treatment procedure which ever is required.

What are the advantage of Laparoscopic surgery?

Laparoscopic sergery is also called mini invasive surgery. Now a day a very small Laparoscopes ( Mini Laparoscopic surgery ) are available so that no large cuts are made in the body, recovery is very quick, Infection rate is low, hospital stay is less. Overall Laparoscopic surgery is also financially cheap & is latest addition to the ART OF TECHNOLOGY.

Is the contraception pill harmful?

No, Your doctor examines you & go into detail before deciding whether contraception pill is suitable to you or not. There are several other ways of contraception available to suit individual need including emergency contraception.
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