1. Outdoor Facilities:
    Outdoor Patient checkup, specialized consultation, laboratory work X-ray, Ultrasound etc.
  2. Indoor Facilities:
    a) Gynae and Obstretics-Antenatal monitoring, CTG monitoring, Epidural Anaesthasia (Painless delivery) Laparoscopic Surgeries including Hystrectomies Surgery,deliveries of high risk cases.
    b) Surgery-Laparoscopic,Plastic Surgery,major Orthopaedic surgery under Image Intensifier Paediatric Surgery Eye & ENT Surgery.
    c) Paediatrics and Medical Services - Care of sick children and adults and providing upto Level II medicare, Neonatal care.
  3. Specialized Facilities:
    Those treatment which are available only in a few centre in India or abroad, proper referal services and guidance shall be provided.