Now a days accidents are becoming common. They can cause serious permanent damage to your child. REMEMBER PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN TREATMENT.

Babies start rolling over around 4 month of age. It is frequent for them to fall over from bed. No amount of pillows surrounding them are safe, They will still find their way to fall from the bed to the floor. Hard flooring can cause serious damage to their head. The safese place for them is to play or sleep in a cot or on the floor.

BABY WALKERS should not be used at all. It does not help children in anyway to walk early. They are dangerous & can cause serious injury if the child trips over. In USA & the western countries walkers are strictly forbidden and banned by law.

Hot fluids are like acid to the skin of a child. Never take a hot drink or meal while the baby is in your lap or you are feeding the baby. Small children tend to pull the cup of tea / hot fluid from the table top once they start crawling or can stand with support.

Bathing in a tub can be done but be careful. Small children can drown even in a small amount of water if left unattended for short period. Never leave your child in a tub & go to answer the door bell or a telephone call.

Make sure that all electrical points, cooler and air conditioners connections are safe for your child. Children have a habit of putting fingers in the holes of electricity switches.

Never drive a car with the child in your lap. Children should not sit in the front seat or in the boot. The safest place for your child is in the back of the car, with use of seat belts.